Wind & Solar Energy & Power System Reliability Workshop

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The bulk power system is undergoing a digital revolution. With the recent and continuing growth of inverter-based generation, largely from wind and solar energy, the power system industry has begun exploring the implication of high levels of wind and solar energy on power system reliability. Because the power electronics devices that couple DC to AC power offer very fast response, it is now possible to use software to control how the resource interacts with the power system, subject to physical constraints. This has profound implications on how current and future wind, solar, and battery resources will provide grid services and may also have a significant impact on the way that some grid services are defined, offered, and procured.

Join Dr. Michael Milligan for an informative workshop that will examine key grid reliability services—those services needed to help the system ride-through large disturbances—and describe potential sources of these services on the bulk power system.


Marriott Marquis Washington DC
901 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC

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