Why is Now a Good Time for Small Scale LNG?

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Why is Now a Good Time for Small Scale LNG?

Joanna Martin Ziegenfuss, Associate Director, Energy, Berkeley Research Group

 The small scale LNG (liquefied natural gas) market promotes LNG as a fuel displacing diesel and heavy fuel oil in transportation and high horse power applications. Natural gas is currently plentiful, more environmentally friendly and until the price of oil crashed, it was much cheaper than diesel. With the price differential between oil and LNG sending mixed signals to the market, is the time right to look at Small Scale LNG and if so where are the opportunities?

 Join WCEE as we discuss the current drivers, status and opportunities of this nascent fuel market.

 Closest Metro stations: Farragut West; Farragut North; Dupont Circle (South exit)


Contact: Roxolana Kashuba (rkashuba@exponent.com)


This is a Lunch & Learn event (i.e. brown-bag); please feel free to bring your own lunch.




Berkeley Research Group LLC
1800 M Street NW, 2nd Floor
Washington DC 20036

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