What Military Investment in Energy Innovation for the Warfighter Means for the Rest of Us

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The Department of Defense invests $1.6 billion a year in research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) on the energy needs of the U.S. warfighter, including solar drones, tactical microgrids, and electric ships. Because DOD’s investments are highly mission-driven, many analysts have questioned their relevance for progress on clean energy beyond the defense sector. But is that really the case?

Please join ITIF for the release of a comprehensive report on DOD’s energy innovation effort and an expert panel discussion on its relevance to the fight to reduce carbon emissions, including ways civilian agencies might better leverage DOD’s investments.

**David M. Hart, Senior Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

**Richard Carlin, Naval Accelerator, United States Navy, Office of Naval Research
**Jeffrey Marqusee, Senior Research Adviser, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
**Conner Prochaska, Chief Commercialization Officer and Director of the Office of Technology Transitions, US Department of Energy
**Dorothy Robyn, Senior Fellow, Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy


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