Watch Out Solar, They’re Coming for You – Anticipating & Winning Solar Development Battles

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As the wind energy industry has matured, large-scale wind projects are facing increasing challenges in siting and public acceptance. Though earlier in its deployment, it is becoming clear that utility-scale solar is facing many of the same challenges. Solar and wind energy developers have an opportunity to learn from the lessons of their colleagues in the utility-scale wind and solar sector and get ahead of siting pitfalls and opposition activism.


This panel will review real world case studies of wind and solar development challenges in multiple markets, discussing lessons learned and tactics for community engagement and effective siting. The panel will include presentations on successful strategies for messaging solar projects; accurately anticipating public acceptance risk; addressing emerging issues around solar, understanding potential conflicts related to agriculture, mineral rights and real estate and mobilizing public support.


Cost: $99 ($49 for members of the American Wind Energy Association)

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