Utility of the Future: Hype or Reality?

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Based on data published by EIA, US demand for electricity hit a plateau in 2006 for a variety reasons – the transition of our economy from manufacturing towards services, improvements in energy efficiency, and changing building codes.  There are also growing regional trends to shift towards clean energy, in some cases driven by legislative mandates or the Clean Power Plan, and an increase in the popularity of customer generated electricity.  But, at its simplest, the utility business model, forged at the turn of the 20th century, is based on a perpetual increasing demand for electricity.  Does that mean the traditional utility business model is in trouble?

This mixed panel, including an electricity regulator, regulated utility, energy efficiency advocate and utility entrepreneur will explore some of the following questions:

  • Is the energy plateau of the last 10 years an anomaly or the beginning of a greater trend?
  • Has the utility business model morphed enough that declining electricity demand doesn’t matter?
  • Will the utility of the future look any different than our utilities today?
  • What trends should we expect to accelerate in the next 30 years, the typical investm


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