Utilities of the Future: How to Modernize the Grid and Decarbonize the Energy System

Leaders in Energy and Resilient Virginia Educational Forum

New technologies and policies are leading to substantial changes in the energy sector.  How can the Utilities of the Future be a key driver in decarbonizing our energy system?   How will the future electric grid enable customers to change how they purchase and sell energy?

This Leaders in Energy event, in partnership with Resilient Virginia, will explore these questions and related topics (see these listed below) to examine pathways to a new paradigm for the electric grid.  Our industry experts are from the Edison Electric Institute, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Energy Initiative.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • grid modernization, electrification, and the future of the electric grid
  • distributed energy resources, including renewable energy, storage, and demand management
  • transactive energy and a participatory grid
  • the potential for decarbonizing the grid
  • disruptive technologies and policies that can facilitate an evolved electric grid
  • setting expectations – optimistic vs realistic scenarios on the pace of change over the next few years


US Navy Memorial
US Navy Memorial, 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20004

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