USAID Adaptation Community Meeting: Preparing Assets for Climate Threats – NOAA’s Risk-based Vulnerability Analysis

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In the February USAID Adaptation Community Meeting, Cardno principal Michael Bilney, MBA will discuss Cardno’s collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on a risk-based method to screen hundreds of NOAA facilities and evaluate the most at-risk facilities’ vulnerability to potential climate change threats.  The approach combined qualitative risk assessment, and asset management facility condition and engineering assessments to identify site-specific vulnerabilities and related adaptation and resilience improvement actions.  Mr. Bilney will summarize the phases of the analysis and provide key lessons learned, adaptation and resilience improvement measures and strategies developed during the recently completed project.  
He will also summarize critical activities in the recommended process developed to guide future NOAA facility climate change vulnerability assessments.



Chemonics International
1717 H Street, NW
Washington DC 20006

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