USAID Adaptation Community Meeting: Does Climate Change Need Behavior Change?

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Join USAID’s Adaptation Community Meeting for a discussion on behavioral approaches to building community resilience to climate change with Kevin Green, Senior Manager of Behavioral and Social Science at Rare.

Social resilience increases a community’s ability to organize and respond to climate-related threats. Rare has trained local leaders in more than 50 countries to design and execute sophisticated behavior change “Pride” campaigns that inspire communities to change the way they interact with nature.

Drawing from examples of Rare’s current work with small-scale fishing and farming communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa, this presentation will explore emerging efforts to apply the best insights from the behavioral sciences to collective action problems like natural resource management and climate adaptation. Specifically, it will consider how behavioral approaches like Rare’s can build social resilience, help communities adapt to climate change, and connect the dots between community engagement and national policy.  Rare will highlight how two Pride campaigns – in the coastal town of Pilar, Cebu (during and after 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan) and in the San Vicente de Chucuri municipality of Colombia (before and after a landslide that destroyed more than 70% of the cocoa-producing properties upstream) -transformed the local communities into willing stewards of their marine and freshwater resources and helped them to adapt to a changing climate’s threatening impacts.  Such adaptation and resilience building, done in collaboration with local democratic governance has generated demonstrable evidence of changes at the subnational and national levels.


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