USAID Adaptation Community Meeting: Calculating the Costs of Not Adapting to Climate Change

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The costs of not adapting to climate change are as important as calculating the costs of adaptation measures for decision makers at all scales. USAID’s December Adaptation Community Meeting, join ATLAS Governance and Evaluation Advisor Doug Baker for a discussion of the methods developed by USAID and others to reveal these coststhe potential costs of not adapting. After an overview of general approaches, Mr. Baker will focus on the methodology and findings from an ATLAS assessment of the future economic costs of climate change in Indonesia. The assessment, which relied on existing data sources, focused on aspects of agriculture, health, and long-term sea level rise (SLR) to provide actionable information for policy makers and donors on climate change adaptation programming and climate resilient development. The underlying spreadsheets are publically accessible through Climatelinks and can be modified for other countries and contexts.


Chemonics International
1717 H Street NW
Washington DC 20006

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