Understanding Integrated Urban Water Management

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Dr. Tanvi Nagpal, Director of International Development Program, cordially invites you to the first SAIS AECOM Speaker Series, a newly established joint venture between the International Development (IDEV) Program and Environment, Resources and Energy (ERE) Program to host a series of speakers with the international infrastructure design, construction and management firm AECOM. This new speaker series will bring together practitioners, academics and students to discuss critical issues such as urban water resources management, climate change and forced migration, renewable energy and poverty etc.

The first event will be a discussion on the challenges facing urban water management and the role Integrated Urban Water Management approach can play in tackling issues such as water scarcity, flooding, pollution, and lagging services.

A combination of rapid and unplanned urban growth, climate variability, and ineffective water management practices have left many cities struggling with water scarcity, flooding, pollution and lagging services. These problems directly impact health and livelihoods, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable. Our tendency to address interrelated challenges in fragments, without collaborating across actors and jurisdictions worsens these problems. This moderated dialogue will draw from our varied experiences in addressing urban water challenges, shedding light on Integrated Urban Water Management as an approach to supporting municipal actors in addressing these urban water challenges in a cleaner, more efficient, more resilient and more equitable manner.


Johns Hopkins University - The Paul H. Nizte School of Advanced International Studies
1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington D.C 20036

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