U.S. Perspective of Cyber Intelligence for Critical Energy Infrastructure

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The energy sector faces more cyber attacks than any other industry. Despite escalating risks, the energy sector faces serious challenges responding to security threats effectively.

It is imperative that the United States takes the necessary steps to update and protect its existing energy infrastructures – particularly the electrical grid – in order to bolster its security. Making things a little more difficult to predict, not all U.S. electrical grids are created equal. The electrical sector has been late in the game when it comes to embracing information technology that focus on technology.

Policy makers and private business alike must ask an important question: As energy independence in the United States continues to grow, does the appetite for attacking it grow as well?


**Patricia Schouker is an experienced energy analyst and an Associate Member of New College at Oxford University as well as a Non-Resident Fellow at the Payne Institute at the Colorado School of Mines.


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