The Versatile ARPA-E – A Catalyst of Clean Energy Innovation

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) fills key gaps in the U.S. energy innovation system. Its funding yields new science that is relevant to energy innovators and leads to the creation of a significant number of new companies, services, and products. In fact, new research by ITIF shows that, contrary to the claims of the Office of Management and Budget, the private sector would not have achieved ARPA-E’s results were it not for this young agency’s contributions. These findings support and extend a recent comprehensive assessment by the National Academies.

Join ITIF for a discussion of ARPA-E’s versatile role in clean energy innovation featuring the new study’s authors, David Hart and Michael Kearney, along with an expert panel of energy innovators and thought leaders.


1101 "K" Street, NW, Suite 610A
Washington DC 20005

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