The Sustainable Energy Utility – The DC Experience & a Vision for the Developing World

As traditional utility models in the energy sector continue to fall short in meeting global economic, environmental and social challenges, is there space for a different kind of utility? Can the Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) model co-exist with traditional utilities to help bridge these gaps? What lessons can we learn from the implementation of the renowned District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU)? Can the DCSEU model be adapted to suit the operating conditions of cities in emerging economies? Please join us for an event to discuss the above questions.

About the Speaker:

Anmol Vanamali has a diverse professional and educational background spanning various geographies and sectors. Currently, as the Financing Strategies Director with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) he is responsible for designing and implementing blended finance strategies for impact investments in sustainable energy across the USA. He is also, currently, a Senior Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute, a Fellow of the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP) at the Atlantic Council and an Advisor to the founder/CEO of Centennial Generation, a clean energy startup operating in emerging markets.

Event is open to the public.


Johns Hopkins University Room 206
1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC

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