The State of the Hydrogen Economy

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Join us for a briefing on the state of the hydrogen economy. The briefing will discuss the status of the global hydrogen economy, projects globally, and opportunities in the United States. During the G20, the International Energy Agency launched its first ever report on hydrogen, laying out a path for this unique carrier of carbon-free energy sources. The US, a leader in innovation, possesses the ideal policy incentive structures and preconditions to commercialize large-scale, clean production of hydrogen.

Able to de-carbonize manufacturing, transportation, and potentially the power sector, hydrogen production can kick-start the energy transition through the deployment of CCS in the near-term and electrolysis in the long-term. Concurrently, other countries have been racing to commercialize hydrogen as the clean energy fuel of the future.

Keynote Remarks – Hydrogen Council

Steinar Eikaas

VP Low Carbon Solutions


Presentations & Panel Discussion

Mark Ackiewicz

Director, CCUS Division

US Department of Energy

Lee Beck

Senior Advisor

Global CCS Institute

Mike Fowler

Director, Advanced Energy Technology Research

Clean Air Task Force

Patrick Molloy

Senior Associate

Rocky Mountain Institute


Global CCS Institute
2101 L Street NW
Washington DC 20037

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