The Other Side of Deforestation

The Rainforest Action Network is hosting “The Other Side of Deforestation” — an event to draw back the curtain on the destructive impacts of corporate-controlled Big Ag on workers, frontline communities, forests and climate, and the inspiring organizing being done in the face of it.

Our industrial agricultural system is a leading driver of deforestation and climate emissions across the world. We all, in some way, suffer the effects of the palm oil industry, a notorious contributor of greenhouse gasses and destroyer of rainforests. But after the forests fall, it’s the workers and communities that are left to face generations of ongoing devastation.

From Indonesia to the Americas, frontline communities and agricultural workers are fighting for their basic human rights – facing land theft, toxic working conditions, exploitation, abuse and more.

At the event, a short film will share the first-hand testimonials of palm oil workers, and a panel of experts will discuss the many issues arising from our industrial agriculture model around the world — from toxic working conditions, massive greenhouse gas emissions, and unrelenting deforestation.


Friends of the Earth
1101 15th St NW
Washington DC

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