The Future of Alliances and Extended Nuclear Deterrence

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The CSIS invites everyone to join them for a discussion on the nuclear landscape. A survey of the world today finds the nuclear landscape – from Russia, to North Korea, to India, Pakistan, and China – to be more uncertain and precarious than it has been any time since the end of the Cold War. Yet, even as nuclear dangers seem to be growing, there seems to be deepening discontent with the notion of nuclear deterrence.

A growing chorus of voices questions the legitimacy of assurance and deterrence, fracturing what might have been thought at one point to be a consensus between allies. There also seems to be a growing skepticism about the benefits of the internationalist system on which deterrence, and especially extended deterrence, depends. This discussion will cover all the issues facing the nuclear landscape as we enter 2017.


CSIS Headquarters
1616 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

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