The Basics of Running Your Life on Clean Energy

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Electrifying Everything – The great thing about running our lives on clean energy is that electric options can improve our lives, there’s no longer a sacrifice! Modern electric vehicles are better than their gasoline powered counterparts. And at home heat pumps can deliver healthier, more comfortable homes. In this webinar, Nate Adams will go over the basics of how to #electrifyeverything in our lives.


Nate is the author of the Home Comfort Book and has written or spoken for numerous outlets including Healthy Indoors Magazine, the Journal of Light Construction, Green Building Advisor, GreenTech Media, Ohio State University, IAQ Radio, and the HVAC School Podcast. He is also co-founder of Energy Smart Home Performance which plans and executes comprehensive insulation and HVAC upgrades to solve client problems. Energy Smart has the most detailed case studies in the industry. Nate’s passionate about helping homeowners and HVAC contractors understand how homes really work so root causes of comfort and health problems can be addressed, not symptoms.


These upgrades often result in electrifications where homes are converted to only use electricity, reducing air pollution both indoors and out. He’s currently working on the HVAC 2.0 program which helps HVAC contractors profitably solve complex comfort and health issues in their homes with entry level talent.


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