Sustainable Now: Securing Energy and Water Access for our Vulnerable Communities Featuring Derrick Johnson, Vice Chair of the NAACP and Executive Director of One Voice

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Sustainable Capital Advisors invites you to participate in the second installment of our Sustainable Now thought action series

Access to energy and water services is essential to the health and wealth of our communities. When access is threatened due to high cost, scant availability and/or poor quality, all citizens suffer. However, this burden falls heaviest on our vulnerable communities living in low income neighborhoods in urban cities, rural towns and villages around the world. This forum focuses on how policymakers, researchers, activists, developers, investors and others can use the levers of public policy, finance and technology to increase true access, ensuring greater energy and water security for all.

This series examines challenges confronting sustainable development, works toward a comprehensive solution to address sustainability issues, and creates opportunities to accelerate action to make our world more “Sustainable Now”. This is more than just a dialogue: it is a forum for fresh, new ideas and a catalyst for developing concrete steps that can accelerate the goals of combating climate change, increasing economic development and improving energy security. By bringing together leaders from industry, finance, utilities, nonprofits, government, policy and academia to participate in brainstorming, solution design, and networking sessions, we can accelerate collaborative action.

Confirmed Panelists

Trenton Allen, Managing Director and CEO, Sustainable Capital Advisors

Derrick Johnson, Vice Chair, NAACP

Michelle Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Groundswell

Ivan Frishberg, First Vice President, Sustainability Banking, Amalgamated Bank

David O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer, Solar Sister

Yasemin Erboy Ruff, Senior Officer, Energy and Climate, United Nations Foundation

Brett Korte, Director of the Associate Program, Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

Sudha Gollapudi, Independent Consultant

Marilyn Waite, Senior Manager, Energy, Village Capital

Harshul Banthia, Director, Sustainable Capital Advisors

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National Press Club
529 14th St NW
Washington District of Columbia 20045

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