Staying Engaged & Energized in a Challenging Eco-Job: Green Drinks Workshop

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Do you ever feel like you’re not making an impact? Do you get drained at work, and bring this low energy home? Do you feel like you wear so many hats that your focus is scattered? Do you wonder if you can sustain your energy for this work?

Come to a workshop designed to:

  • Uncover the unique life ingredients that give you energy when present and make your life tough when absent or stepped on
  • Reveal what’s driving your passion and what can give you the grit to stay in the game
  • Leave you with your own “sustainability plan” to help keep you more present and mindful in your job and sustain your energy

Burnout is now a global epidemic. Prevent it with conscious effort together with others like you who are committed to doing mission-driven work!

In this interactive workshop, you will be invited to participate in visioning and worksheet-based exercises that will put you in touch with the values that make your life and work fulfilling, and see how you can use these strategically.

You will have the opportunity to work in small groups and get more clarity not only on your unique brand of “grit,” but others’, too.

You will be given time to develop a plan to help you sustain your energy for your important work.

Meet our facilitators Danielle Droitsch & Wendy Reed


SEPA Office
1220 19th St, NW STE 800
Washington DC 20036

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