Standards – Tools for Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

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As billions of dollars are invested to improve and maintain the built environment, technically robust standards that reflect the contributions of a wide range of interested experts contribute to the success of both public and privately funded projects.  Please join for an expert discussion focusing on how codes and standards play a significant role in supporting strong, practicable and resilient 21st century infrastructure solutions. These solutions include not only incorporating new technologies – such as 3D printing – into codes and standards, but also recognizing the value of hazard mitigation strategies in assuring that infrastructure and buildings are built to withstand future events.

Building owners, designers and governments, rely on codes and standards to provide a consistent basis for assuring that mitigation measures achieve the desired level of protection.


**Dain M. Hansen, Chair, High-Performance Buildings Coalition,  Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, The IAPMO Group

**Representative David McKinley and Representative Peter Welch Co-Chairs, High Performance Building Congressional Caucus


**Bryan Soukup, Executive Director, Alliance for National and Community Resilience

**Ryan M. Colker, JD, Vice President, National Institute of Building Sciences
**Dr. Clarissa Ferraris, the Group Leader of the Inorganic Materials Group National Institute of Standards and Technology
**Martina T. Driscoll, P.E., Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. behalf of ASTM International


Rayburn House Office Building
Room 2226
Washington DC 20515

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