Solar power is for everyone!

Thanks to a new community solar law in Maryland, everybody can go solar! Community solar allows you to sign up for solar power for your home, business or organization without installing any equipment on your roof. It’s clean energy from a local project in your neighborhood. Come on May 22 to learn how you and your neighbors can join together to build a local clean energy solar project that will let you save money and help the environment.

Lore Rosenthal will be the speaker at this event. A sign language interpreter by day and a community organizer at night, Lore is the Senior Outreach Fellow at Neighborhood Sun She is the co-founder of several climate and sustainability projects, statewide, in Baltimore, Howard County and Greenbelt. She also helped to form Greenbelt Community Solar, LLC. Lore is thrilled to be able to introduce her wide network to this new concept of Community Solar.

For more info, contact:
Armando Gaetaniello – – 301-256-5948
Lore Rosenthal – – 301-345-2234


Fairmount Heights Branch Public Library
5904 Kolb St
Capitol Heights MD 20743

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