Screening of a Film About Chernobyl Children in Cuba

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“Un Traductor” (“A Translator”) tells the true story of a Cuban professor of Russian literature who, in 1989, abruptly finds his lessons canceled and a note on the university door directing him to the local hospital in Havana. There, he is told he must serve as a translator. But for whom? “The patients from Chernobyl” replies a nurse.

The story follows Malin, the academic, who is at first resistant to his sudden job change. But soon he realizes that his task is to translate for children, flown in to be treated for cancer, along with their stricken parents, and that most of the news is bad. As Malin becomes more emotionally involved with the children and their families, he begins to lose touch with his own. Then he must reach into his heart — and ours — and determine his own priorities. “A Translator” is a moving and powerful look at just how devastating the Chernobyl nuclear accident really was.

The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Admission is free at the National Gallery of Art but tickets are $14 at the “E” Street Cinema.


Landmark E Street Cinema
555 11th Street
Washington DC

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