Right Place, Right Time – The Grid Benefits of Solar & Storage

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The Solar Energy Industries Association and the Energy Storage Association invite you to a breakfast panel discussion next month in Washington on Distributed Energy Resource (DER) valuation, interconnection, and benefits to the local grid. Built during the last century, the United States electric grid was primarily designed to transport electricity from large central station power plants to end-use customers. But with rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DER) resulting from falling costs and technological advances, customers are increasingly taking charge of their own energy. These resources offer the promise of a more innovative, economic, and cleaner electric grid.

Learn more about the ways in which the location of a DER can provide various grid benefits and may lead to changes in DER compensation.

**Anne Hoskins, Chief Policy Officer, SunRun

**Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO, Energy Storage Association
**David Gahl, Director of Government Affairs, Solar Energy Industries Association
**Douglas Staker, Vice President of Global Development, Demand Energy
**Sara Baldwin Auck, Director, Regulatory Program, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Topics Include:
**Compare & contrast New York and California’s approaches to defining locational values and utilizing them to guide DER deployment
**SEIA’s framing principles for how to use locational values to guide DERs to where they will have the most impact
**ESA’s principles for updating interconnection rules and processes to remove barriers to energy storage deployment on the distribution grid
**Discussion of storage interconnection updates from California, Nevada, and Hawaii, and a survey of the 9 other states currently discussing storage interconnection

For additional information about the panel discussion, please contact Heather Whitpan of SEIA at hwhitpan@seia.org.


Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW
Washington DC 20001

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