Planting Peace – Regenerative Agriculture, Indigenous Rights & the Climate

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There will be a Panel Discussion on Indigenous Land Rights, Regenerative Agriculture & Farm Worker Empowerment to Address Conflict, Climate Change & Involuntary Migration.

Human-caused climate change is already driving conflict and involuntary migration. A drought in Syria has been implicated in its civil war, while the number of migrants seeking asylum in the EU can be predicted by temperature changes in the asylum seekers’ home countries.

Since 2008, one person has been displaced every second by climate and weather disasters – an average of 26 million a year – and the trend is likely to intensify in the immediate future as food producing areas struggle to cope with warmer weather and more erratic rainfall.

Agriculture is more vulnerable to climate change than any other sector of the global economy. It is also responsible for a huge chunk of global greenhouse gas emissions–up to 57 percent according to the UN Conference on Trade and Development.


**Denise Robbins of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, co-author of Rising Tides: Climate Refugees in the 21st Century;

**Juanita Cabrera Lopez of the International Mayan League;

**Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin of the Main Street Project, author of In the Shadow of Green Man.

Film Screening: Soil Solutions will kick off the event at 6 pm by screening a short film. The panel discussion will begin at 6:30.


Busboys & Poets (Langston Room)
2021 14th Street, NW
Washington DC 20009

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