PEDC 2020 Summer Pitch Night

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Thursday, June 4

2:00-2:30 – Welcome & Introductions

2:30-4:30 – Team Pitches & Judge Q&A

4:30-5:00 – Wrap Up & Thank Yous


Virtual Program Delivered via Zoom.


PEDC is hosting its 2020 Summer Pitch Night to showcase a new group of clean energy and sustainability technology start-ups working on some amazing innovations!


This is the only pitch night in the DMV region dedicated to clean energy and sustainability technology startups. Teams and judges will continue to be announced on a rolling basis, but we already have an excellent slate lined up:


Active Energy, through its innovation in thermal storage, is deploying an advanced, sustainable air-conditioning system that cuts building cooling costs while having the same upfront cost as traditional cooling systems. Active Energy was also selected as a finalist for EPRI’s 2020 Incubatenergy© Labs Challenge.


Asoleyo Architectural Solar is re-designing solar cells’ visible electrical contacts to create attractive solar surfaces for high-visibility applications.


Blue Frontier offers climate-friendly, hyper-efficient, energy storage air conditioning. Blue Frontier is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings by slashing the energy consumption associated with comfort cooling. Blue Frontier is also an NREL/Wells-Fargo Innovation Incubator portfolio company.


HyperJet Fusion Corporation designs and builds some of the world’s most advanced plasma guns that have applications in a variety of industries including clean energy, aerospace, and industry.  HyperJet is also exploring a second promising new fusion energy reactor concept that is based on impact fusion. HyperJet sees fusion energy as a pathway to safe, clean, and economical baseload energy for the entire planet.


Manta Biofuel has developed a suite of technologies that enables it to produce renewable crude oil that is cost competitive with fossil crude oil. Its proprietary technology allows us to harvest algae grown naturally in open ponds.


Cost – Attendee: $45.00


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