Panel Discussion: The Environmental Stress on China’s River System

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Rivers are living things, its change and fate has been closely linked with the history of human society. Through continuous investigation and recording, and through reports from media and “we-media”, we could pass down our concern on river landscape changes, river basin environment, fate of riverside people and the relationship between man and nature to generations. This is why Mrs. Yongchen Wang launched Green Earth Volunteers “Ten Years Rivers Visiting”

The stress that China’s river is facing might not be life-threatening to you at now, but it is, to some people like you. The coming challenges should be kept in everyone’s mind. IFCE is pleased to invite Mrs. Wang to tell us the environmental stress that China’s river system is facing, and the inspiration and stories with her during the “Ten Years Rivers Visiting”.


  • Yongchen Wang, Founder, “Green Home”

  • Ping He, the CEO of International Fund for China’s Environment.

  • Haipei Xue, President of National Council of Chinese Americans.

Yongchen Wang, the founder of “Green Earth Volunteers” organization in China, is also the Senior Environment Reporter for China National Radio. Wang led an unprecedented public campaign to save the Nu River, which flows from the Tibetan Plateau, and becomes the Salween in Burma and Thailand. It is one of China’s last free-flowing rivers.

Dr. Ping He, the founding president of International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE), has developed cooperative relationship with international environmental and conservation organizations and programs, US and Chinese governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sectors. He developed numerous projects in environmental NGO support, US-China technological exchanges, policy advising and public education in China.

Haipei Xue, the President of National Council of Chinese Americans (NCCA), used to be the Asian affairs consultant at Obama election campaign team.


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