Outlook for World Coal Consumption & Implications for Climate Change

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Strategies to limit climate change must include a focus on ways to diminish coal use and resultant CO2 emissions. The three top coal consumers are China, India, and the US. China consumes over half of the world’s coal but is now seeking to reduce its coal consumption. India has pledged to expand renewable energy, energy efficiency and nuclear power, but will likely continue to use coal to fuel needed economic growth and poverty reduction. Coal consumption is declining in the US as a result of cheap natural gas and cheaper renewables.

Meanwhile, coal use has leveled off in Europe and Russia. But it is expanding rapidly in other Asian countries which, along with China and India, will hold the key to future coal demand. These countries include Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan and others. Join us for a discussion on the outlook for world coal demand.


**Dr. Howard Gruenspecht, Senior Energy Economist, MIT Energy Initiative


**Nikos Tsafos, Senior Fellow, CSIS and Adjunct Professor, SAIS ERE Program

Moderated by:

**Wil Kohl, Senior Adviser, ERE Program

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Rome Auditorium, Johns Hopkins University
1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

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