Open Data in a Closing World

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The World Resources Institute and the National Geographic Society are hosting an event on how current trends in data, technology, media and human networks can inform decision-making around natural resources.We are living in an unprecedented moment where views are increasingly polarized, false information is spread at alarming speeds, and facts are being undermined. Trust in our institutions is eroding, and the decision-makers charged with ensuring our well-being often cannot access the data they need. Policymakers, business leaders and analysts need high-quality, trusted and easily accessible data to make informed decisions about the environment and human development.

The event features keynote speeches by Dr. Mae Jemison (Former Astronaut) and Gina McCarthy (former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and speakers representing government, technology, science and media.


The National Geographic Society
1600 M Street NW
Washington DC 20036

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