Oil on the Water – Illicit Hydrocarbons Activity in the Maritime Domain

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“Oil and fuel theft is big business—globally, it adds up to tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars annually— and much of that criminality makes use of the maritime space. Whether in small fishing boats or Suezmax tankers, illicit oil and fuel move constantly, in broad daylight, around the world. And the profits, which deprive states of much-needed revenue, often fund more sinister criminal activities, from other forms of trafficking to terrorism.”“Oil on the Water: Illicit Hydrocarbons Activity in the Maritime Domain” report authors Dr. Ralby and Dr. Soud will provide an overview of the report, after which panelists will discuss the various modalities of oil theft in the maritime domain and what steps companies, policymakers, and other stakeholders can take to combat it.

A conversation with:
**Dr. Ian M. Ralby, Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council
**Dr. David Soud, Head of Research & Analysis, I.R. Consilium
**Mr. Royce Ferguson, SICPA
**Other panelists to be announced


Atlantic Council
1030 15th Street NW
Washington DC 20005

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