No More Time to Waste: Moving Science to Action at Scales that Matter

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In the last two decades, a significant fraction of the geoscience and global environmental sciences communities have seen a shift in thinking—from science as its own fundamental goal, to science for understanding change, to science that supports and drives action.

Dr. Pamela Matson of Stanford University will deliver a keynote lecture that discusses how “science to action” has evolved in the context of current global environmental changes and social issues. While scientists and professional societies have recognized the need for science to help solve pressing societal problems, making significant advances in the last 20 years has proven challenging, especially in the realm of environmental issues. Dr. Matson will discuss some examples of how scientists and decision makers who are working on sustainability problems have benefited from new approaches that link “science to action,” including new formulations of scientific questions, new kinds of partnerships, and best practices for scaling scientific solutions to scales that lead to impact.


National Academies Keck Center
500 5th Street NW
Washington DC 20001

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