NERA & the Threat to Solar Net Metering

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A secretive group with ties to monopoly utilities and the fossil fuel industry has launched an attack on solar rights.


The group is called the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA), and they’re trying to use the federal government to steal from solar owners.


If they’re successful, the surplus electricity generated by solar panels (which helps make the electric grid more resilient) would be credited at a fraction of the actual value — and monopolies would pocket the difference.


We’re bringing together four experts to explain the plan to stop NERA.



**Dave Anderson, Energy & Policy Institute

**Glen Brand, Solar United Neighbors

**Nathan Phelps, Vote Solar

**Liz Veazey, Solar United Neighbors


You’ll learn:

**What NERA claims to be vs. what they’ve actually done

**What NERA is trying to do and the corrosive impact their success could have on solar power and solar rights across the country

**What’s likely to happen in this fight over the next few weeks

**Three things you can do to block this attack!

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