NCAC Lunch Presentation on Big Data & Weather Markets

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Weather can be unpredictable, potentially costing energy buyers and sellers plenty. Variations in temperature, snow, wind or sun can make planning and budgeting difficult at best. It’s possible to protect budgets by hedging weather risks.

Big data is changing how we look at weather and the risks it poses to everyone throughout the supply chain, from producers of energy to marketers, even down to the owner of a single residential building.

This presentation is a journey from the past to the present and on to the future. Throughout this journey, we will learn what weather risk management is, where market capabilities are today and how future solutions could target micro-level risks.

**Edward V. Byrns Jr., PhD, Managing Director of Client Calibrated Solutions, Munich Re

Ed Byrns has specialized in weather hedging for many years. His talk focuses on how the new world of big data is creating innovative weather risk products to manage business exposure.


Carmine's Restaurant
425 7th St NW
Washington DC

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