National Capital Climate Fundamentals Workshop #1

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The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) is offering a series of 2-day training academies in Washington, DC to enable attendees to satisfy all course requirements for the Climate Governance Certificate, a credential issued through ACCO’s CCO CertificationTM Program. These academies will provide curriculum on topics including understanding climate science and variability, identifying climate hazards and conducting vulnerability assessments, basics of greenhouse gas accounting, explanations of the food-water-energy nexus, and fundamental governance and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Workshop participants will learn from experts about the implications of climate change with a regional focus added for the national capital region. Professionals from the public and private sectors, higher education and the NGO community will benefit from the classroom-style, interactive training activities.

About this Workshop

The first workshop is a primer on climate science, identifying climate hazards, conducting vulnerability assessments, leveraging climate change data and tools and understanding the energy-water-food nexus.  This workshop enables decision makers across roles, functions and sectors to develop a better understanding of how the implications of climate change intersect with their decision making.

Course Syllabus

  • Climate-101: Understanding Climate Science & the Latest Projections
  • Excerpts from Climate-102: Understanding Climate Variability, Extreme Events & Long-Term Climate Change
  • Excerpts from Climate-103: The Basics of Sea Level Rise & Impacts on Coastal Assets & Infrastructure
  • Climate-201: Identifying Climate Hazards & Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
  • Excerpts from Climate-202: Leveraging Climate Data and Tools
  • GHG-102: The Fundamentals of the Energy, Water & Food Nexus
  • Case Study: Projecting Climate Change Implications for the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Special Guest Remarks from Local/State Government Officials
  • Briefing on the Outcomes of the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations at COP-21 (Paris)


Law Offices of Denton's
1900 K Street NW
Washington DC 20006

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