Multinational Nuclear Supplier Partnerships within the OECD

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Nuclear industries in countries guided by democratic and free market principles have been challenged by various factors, including escalating regulatory burdens, rising construction costs, adverse domestic power markets, and atrophying supply chains. Emerging state-owned, vertically-integrated vendors in Russia and China pose an additional challenge, as these countries actively support civil nuclear exports throughout the world as a means to achieve their broader economic and strategic objectives.

The fact that civil nuclear exports often entail decades-long political relationships bestows a significant competitive edge to Russian and Chinese nuclear corporations, which are poised to dominate the global nuclear market at current trends. Given these circumstances, nuclear suppliers in the U.S., France, Japan, and South Korea may seek to bolster their competitiveness by entering into enhanced multinational partnerships. Today’s distinguished panels draw from years of policy and commercial experience to highlight the successes of past partnerships and the need to continue and expand upon these relationships.


The Heritage Foundation Lehrman Auditorium
214 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington DC 20002

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