Making Solar Energy Accessible to Everyone

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How do we design a successful transition to clean, renewable energy in a way that includes everyone, particularly low income families who need it most? GRID Alternatives has developed and implemented a proven model that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities. Join Nicole Steele, Executive Director of GRID Alternatives’ Mid-Atlantic office to learn about the success stories of providing community-scale solar access at the local and regional scale, where there are often different rules, permitting and incentives.

She will discuss how GRID works with community partners, volunteers and job trainees to implement solar power and energy efficiency for low-income families, and describe what works in which areas and why, including low income solar rebate programs, single-family versus multi-family and community solar models, homeowners  versus renters, and innovative job training workforce development approaches involving schools or veteran communities.  Ms. Steele will also address challenges and opportunities in elevating the solar access conversation to the national level, including policy development and implementation, working with affordable housing developers, renewable energy credits, net metering programs, and GRID’s National Women in Solar Initiative, as part of the effort to transfer what has been learned from the great successes at the smaller scale to clean energy access for all nationwide.

*This event was originally scheduled for Tuesday, July 7th. Due to a conflict, it has been postponed to Monday, August 10th.


901 D Street, SW Suite 100
Washington DC 20003

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