July Green Business Roundtable

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The Green Business RoundtableTM sits at the intersection of business and our environment.  It brings people together who are seeking to transform our current systems in ways that are more sustainable–using business as a primary tool.

This month’s topic: Supporting Early Stage Sustainable Business
Early-stage entrepreneurs who seek to serve customers in emerging and underdeveloped economies frequently struggle to access the knowledge, resources, and risk-tolerant capital they require to succeed. What strategies have proven successful at providing the kinds and level of support necessary to help these companies succeed?
Join us this month for a dynamic discussion and stories about companies that have succeeded and how they did it.


This month’s speaker: Ian Fisk, Executive Director of Mentor Capital Network

Since 2002, the MCN has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch organizations that have gone on to create more than 20,000 jobs. The MCN supports for-profit companies where “mission drives margin,” and their entrepreneurs make the world a better place with their success. These businesses have focused on clean energy, sustainable agriculture, educational innovation, sustainable construction, financial access, and dozens of other critical areas.
Also, Mr. Fisk is known to have an excellent sense of humor.  Hope to see you there!



Green America
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