Improving the Economics of Nuclear Power: Lessons Learned from the Korean Experience

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The Global America Business Institute (GABI) and the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEIA) cordially invite you to a Capitol Hill briefing on nuclear energy economics and international lessons learned, with a focus on Korea’s experience with nuclear power.

A growing number of nuclear power plants throughout the United States face the prospect of premature shutdown and decommissioning, leading many to dismiss nuclear power as expensive and economically uncompetitive. However, many of the recent reactor shutdowns in the U.S. have been the result of market failures in deregulated electricity markets, and the rising costs of nuclear in the U.S. have largely been attributable to an uncertain regulatory environment, a failure to maximize on fixed costs, and other factors. Other countries’ experiences with nuclear power–such as that of South Korea, which reduced the costs of nuclear-generated electricity over a span of several decades–corroborate that nuclear is not inherently cost-prohibitive.

Lunch will be served. The briefing will feature an overview on the fundamentals of nuclear power economics, the history of Korean civil nuclear development, and Korea’s achievements in lowering nuclear costs and its emergence as a global nuclear vendor.


Rayburn B339
B339 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

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