Innovation in Storage & Battery Technologies

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The CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program, with input and support from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions and Chief Commercialization Officer, is pleased to launch its Energy Innovation Series.

Energy Innovation is a six-part discussion series focusing on specific categories of energy technology and aims to foster greater understanding of – and support for – the role of innovation in the energy system.  The series will investigate the innovation priorities of the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Laboratory Complex against the broader ecosystem, both domestic and international, for advancing a portfolio of solutions.

Innovation in Storage and Battery Technologies, the first discussion in this series, will focus on innovation in the energy storage, including batteries for electric vehicles and for grid storage.  Under Secretary of Energy for Science Paul Dabbar will open the session with a keynote address.  The presentation will be followed by speakers from the national lab system, academia, and the private sector, who will present their work and discuss innovation in storage technologies and energy storage’s route from the laboratory to the market.

**Paul Dabbar, Under Secretary for Science, U.S. Department of Energy
**George Crabtree, Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research
**Yet-Ming Chiang, Kyocera Professor, MIT Energy Initiative
**More speakers to be announced.


Center for Strategic and International Studies
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