How Less-Than-Efficient Humans Interact with Energy Markets

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A great deal of effort is devoted to collecting and analyzing supply & demand data – sometimes referred to as fundamental research – in the energy sector. Technical analysis (TA) differs from fundamental research as it focuses on price action and how that affects market participants’ decision-making. While the two schools start from different perspectives, it’s a mischaracterization to suggest they are antagonistic to one another. Many analysts use technical tools in concert with fundamental research as they develop market forecasts.
The focus on price action in TA gives rise to a new analytical vocabulary. Our lunch session will delve into some of these terms and concepts.

What are these ‘technical factors’ the business channels always talk about?
What are the theories underpinning them?
How do market participants use them?


**David Thompson, (CMT) Chartered Market Technician, Executive Vice President, Powerhouse

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