How can accelerating on-grid solutions help developing countries leapfrog to better electricity access?

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In this discussion, World Resources Institue (WRI) will tackle the following questions: What opportunities, challenges, and lessons can be learned from global electricity trends? Particularly, what opportunities exist around renewable energy and distributed resources? How and where do developing countries have a chance to “leapfrog” challenges experienced in countries with existing infrastructure or those that have been first adopters? What is the role of planners in discerning these trends, and delivering viable solutions? How can the opportunity to “leapfrog” be most effectively communicated to planners in countries with electricity access challenges?

By capitalizing on lessons learned from global electricity sector trends – increased uptake of renewable energy (utility-scale, distributed), declining costs in RE technologies, and new generating entities – developing countries have an opportunity to apply on-grid “leap frog” solutions to expand energy access, looking beyond short-term operations and avoiding missing positive long-term public outcomes for energy access. Energy planners and other stakeholders can tap into these opportunities to improve grid performance and integration of renewable resources, as well as being able to deliver more, reliable electricity.

WRI will take a salon style approach, where distinguished panelists are featured, but the audience size is limited to encourage open and active audience discussion. This month, Sarah Martin and Joshua Ryor from the World Resource Institute will kick the conversation off as our lead speakers. Audience members are invited ask questions and provide their own insights throughout. All attendees should come expecting to participate! The goal is to get feedback from a variety of actors from different sectors. Lily Odarno will moderate to ensure that the discussion is inclusive, stays on topic, and finishes on time.


World Resources Institute
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