Hidden in Plain Sight? Why Resilient Buildings Are Critical U.S. Infrastructure

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The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) invite you to a briefing on the public/private drive toward resilient buildings –– structures that are located, designed and built (or renovated) to withstand extreme weather, cyberterrorism, and other hazards now and for years to come. Federal, state and local governments, working in partnership with standard-setting and private sector organizations, are responding vigorously to the need for increased resilience. Recent events have demonstrated that whether it’s a medical center in Houston, a military base in Florida, or a university in New Jersey, communities rely on public buildings as a shelter of last resort in a disaster.

This briefing will explore what makes buildings resilient; why resilience is important for multiple policy challenges, including infrastructure modernization, emergency preparedness, disaster response, and research funding; and how public-private sector collaboration in research, worker training and investment partnerships benefit society now and well into the future.


The United States has some of the best buildings in the world and a construction industry that produces advanced technologies and materials. What are the impediments to their use and how can government facilitate their deployment by our highly trained architects, engineers and builders? The vast majority of the U.S. built environment was not designed to withstand the extreme weather, power outages and other hazards that are becoming more frequent,  destructive, and disproportionately burdensome on the elderly and low income communities. The panel of experts will help attendees gain a better understanding of what is achievable with existing technologies and what types of policies and research and development are needed to enhance this important part of the nation’s infrastructure.

This briefing will be the sixth in a series on “Building Resilient and Secure Infrastructure.”

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Room 2247 Rayburn House Office Building
C Street SW and South Capitol Street
Washington DC 20003

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