Global Energy Forum – Revolutionary Changes & Security Pathways

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The international energy system is going through revolutionary changes.  Oil and natural gas production is growing in the United States and elsewhere in response to new technologies. Geopolitics face several inflection points, from a turbulent Middle East to increased Russian pressure in Europe, and Chinese pressure in East Asia.

Furthermore, new pathways must be developed to advance global energy security at a time of revolutionary change. The system must be more resilient, as energy trade is vulnerable to interruption, and as strategic petroleum reserves need to be modernized. Up to and beyond the next climate change conference (COP-21) in Paris, national security, energy and climate goals need to be better integrated in future policies.

Panel 1: A Global – and Revolutionary – Energy System

  • Amy Myers Jaffe, Executive Director, Energy and Sustainability, University of California, Davis
  • Robert Johnston, CEO and Natural Resources Head, The Eurasia Group
  • David G. Victor, Professor, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego

Keynote: The Energy World Ahead

  • To Be Announced

Panel 2: Pathways to Global Energy Security

  • Leon Fuerth, Practitioner in Residence, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University
  • David L. Goldwyn, Principal, Goldwyn Global Strategies LLC
  • Jan H. Kalicki, Public Policy Fellow and Energy Lead, Woodrow Wilson Center

Conference Rapporteur:

  • Julia Nanay, Principal, Energy Ventures LLC

Phone: 202.691.4000


Woodrow Wilson Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 6th Floor
Washington DC 20004

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