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The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) is excited to invite you to attend an event to explore and discuss emerging technologies that will help District businesses, institutions, and residents save energy. You’ll hear from companies whose products can help generate onsite renewable energy, conserve energy through internet of things (IoT), and be more resilient by combining energy storage solutions with solar technology. A panel discussion on Challenges and Trends for Smart Buildingswill follow the presentations.


Jean-Marie Bergeal, CEO
MeteoViva, Inc.
With a combination of technology, business development, and finance experience, Jean-Marie has accompanied the development of several technology companies in the last few years. In 2016, Jean-Marie was hired to head MeteoViva’s efforts in the U.S. The German company, which entered the U.S. market only recently, has developed a technology that helps building HVAC systems use weather forecast data to optimize usage. Read more about MeteoViva.

Drew Adams, Head of Strategy and Partnerships
A.F. Mensah

A.F. Mensah is an energy technology and project development company based in Hamilton, New Jersey. They use battery storage technology and advanced controls to improve the economics and grid impacts of distributed solar generation. Drew leads A.F. Mensah, Inc.’s strategy and partnership development for the integration of energy storage to existing solar PV projects. Read more about Drew and A.F. Mensah.

Sandra Sassow, CEO and Co-Founder
SEaB Energy

Sandra Sassow is the CEO and co-founder of SEaB Energy. SEaB Energy was founded with the purpose of working towards a future in which cities or remote communities can capitalise on their waste to create renewable sources of energy and curb the negative impacts of waste collection processes. SEaB Energy’s shipping container devices can be placed behind community locations such as grocery stores and hospitals, where they use bacteria to anaerobically digest organic waste created at that location and produce usable fertiliser, electricity and water as a result. Read more about Sandra and SEaB.

Eric Abramson
Arc Skoru
Eric supports the technical development and deployment of the Arc platform; a data driven global building performance platform. The Arc platform allows users to measure performance, benchmark against itself and projects around it, enable incremental improvements, and put projects on track for LEED or other rating system certification.

Challenges and Trends for Smart Buildings

Anmol Vanamali
, Financing Strategies Director, DCSEU

Jean-Marie Bergeal
Drew Adams
Sandra Sassow
Pepco Representative


PNC Place
800 17th Street Northwest, 12th Floor
Washington District of Columbia 20006

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