Fleeing Change – Relocating the Village of Newtok, Alaska

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The Village of Newtok, a Yupik Eskimo community of 450, faces certain destruction from a slow-moving climate disaster. Coastal and river erosion of the Ninglick River embankment and degradation of the region’s underlying permafrost has already destroyed critical infrastructure in the village, including the only barge landing, a solid waste site, and soon a freshwater source. Newtok may no longer be a viable community by 2020 and has been working to relocate to Mertarvik, a site nine miles up the Ninglick River.

Please join us for a discussion with Newtok’s leadership on their experiences and struggles to preserve their Yupik way of life on their historic subsistence lands.

**Michael Sfraga, Director, Polar Initiative, Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

**Paul Charles, Elder and President of Newtok Village Council
**George Carl, Elder and Vice President of Newtok Village Council
**Albertina Charles, Elder and Newtok Village Corporation Board Member
**Romy Caliente, Newtok Village Relocation Coordinator


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