Film Showing – “The Radioactive Leak”

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There will be a free film showing: “La Fuga Radiactiva” (“The Radioactive Leak”) — a 30-minute, Spanish language (with English subtitles) drama, about a radioactive disaster at a centralized interim storage facility for irradiated nuclear fuel (i.e., high-level radioactive waste).

The film will be followed by a discussion with NIRS Radioactive Waste Project Director, Diane D’Arrigo, as well as Beyond Nuclear Radioactive Waste Specialist, Kevin Kamps. Also featured will be the filmmaker, Eduardo Soto, joining the discussion by Skype, live from Cuenca, Spain.

About the film:

Although fictional, the drama “La Fuga Radiactiva” (“The Radioactive Leak”) was inspired by a real life resistance struggle against an all too real proposed CISF, targeted at a town near the ancient city of Cuenca, Spain, famous for its beautiful art and architecture, its long history, as well as its gorgeous natural surroundings and even dinosaur fossils.

The Spanish director, Eduardo Soto, premiered the film in New York City in February, 2019. The premiere in Madrid, Spain took place in March, 2019.

Soto has very generously blessed groups like NIRS and Beyond Nuclear to show his powerful, moving drama – free of charge – in the U.S., to help with the resistance here against two CISFs targeted at the Southwest: at southeastern New Mexico (Holtec International/Eddy-Lea [Counties] Energy Alliance), and western Texas (Waste Control Specialists and Interim Storage Partners — including Areva of France, recently renamed Orano, and Nuclear Assurance Corporation). These two CISFs are but 40 miles apart. They would turn a largely Hispanic area, already suffering badly from nuclear and fossil fuel pollution, into an even worse “nuclear sacrifice area,” an environmental injustice.

Free refreshments will be served.

For more info and if you can come, please RSVP to Kevin Kamps at: (240) 462-3216,


Nuclear Information and Resource Service
6930 Carroll Ave
Takoma Park MD

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