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The global aviation industry is expected to double in size over the next 15 years. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will play a role, alongside other solutions, to keep planes moving with a much smaller carbon footprint and less pollution. SAF is an advanced, second generation biofuel that works with existing aircraft engines and airport infrastructure. When used in neat form, SAF emits up to 80% less carbon dioxide and significantly less pollutants compared to conventional jet fuel.  Additionally, SAF can help create cleaner, healthier air for communities located near airports.


Pratik Chandhoke, Technical Manager for Renewable Aviation in North America at Neste, will discuss Neste’s SAF production process and how Neste’s Renewable Jet Fuel can help to decarbonize air travel, reducing GHG emissions up to 80% compared to fossil fuels. He will walk through the entire value-chain: from raw material collection, through processing and distribution. He will explain how Neste recycles the leftover carbon molecules found in waste and residue materials—such as used cooking oil, rendered fats and grease—into 100% renewable biofuels that share similar chemical properties to fossil jet fuel.


Additionally, Mr. Chandhoke will talk about why SAF works seamlessly with existing aircraft engines and airport infrastructure.  He will explain how Neste worked closely with airlines, airports, and regulators to test and certify the safety of SAF. Mr. Chandhoke will describe other potential renewable raw materials that Neste is currently researching for biofuel production in the future.


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