Energy Supply Chain Vulnerabilities in the Software Era

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The increasing complexities of the globalized supply-chain system has introduced myriad new threat vectors for intentional and unintentional compromise of integral components. ‘unintended taint’, the flaws in software unintentionally built into products, is of particular concern. It is of vital importance that we recognize and understand this very significant and credible threat to the uninterrupted functionality of critical infrastructure within the energy sector. Consequently, join the Cyber Statecraft Initiative as they model a downstream petroleum refinery that will be manipulated in real-time, demonstrating how vulnerabilities in the supply-chain can be affected, followed by a discussion engaging key experts and stakeholders for a progressive and solutions-oriented discussion on how to appropriately identify and mitigate these underappreciated threats to the energy sector.

Welcoming Remarks:
**Magnus Nordenman, Director, Transatlantic Security Initiative and Deputy Director, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, Atlantic Council

**Cynthia Quarterman, Distinguished Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council
**Andy Bochman, Senior Grid Strategist, National and Homeland Directorate, Idaho National Laboratory
**Joyce Corell, Assistant Director, Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
**Jesper Gronvall, Director of Business Development, Civil Security Systems, Saab North America

Moderated by:
**Beau Woods Cyber Safety and Innovation Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, Atlantic Council


Atlantic Council
1030 15th Street NW
Washington DC 20005

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