Energy Access, Climate Solutions & Resilience

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Clean energy microgrids that solve energy poverty in remote regions can chart the course for grid decarbonization. Ironically, important grid innovation may come from these remote villages that have not yet seen electricity. Where there is no incumbent infrastructure, there is an opportunity to build energy systems with today’s best technologies and business models.

Come hear how business, policy, philanthropy, and investment are coming together to promote sustainable energy access in the world’s unelectrified regions, and join the discussion about how these solutions can inform how we – wherever we are – interact with our own energy sources.

Allison Archambault is president of EarthSpark International, a non-profit organization incubating businesses that solve energy poverty. EarthSpark has built two town-sized, solar-powered smart grids in rural Haiti and has spun off a smart meter company, SparkMeter, which is now enabling grid operators in more than 20 countries to expand energy access to low-income customers. EarthSpark’s ‘Feminist Electrification’ approach to microgrid development won a United Nations Momentum for Change award in 2018, hailed as a ‘practical example of what real climate action looks like.’


Rome Building - SAIS
1619 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest Room 206
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