Emotional Intelligence for a Clean World – Creating Powerful Collaborations for Change

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Build Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills for a Clean World! 

What issues motivate you as a green leader or collaborator…clean, renewable energy; the circular economy; building smart, green communities; animal and natural resources protection, etc.?

Attend this special workshop on June 29th to learn how to answer questions like “How can I successfully motivate others, and myself, and harness our big ‘Why(s)’ in support of successful outcomes?”

Tailored for people in the “green” fields, you will interact with others who have also experienced challenges with leading and managing people as part of green programs, projects, services, and initiatives.

Learn how Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) can help you to identify personal strengths, understand what makes others “tick”, and increase your ability to motivate others behind a united cause.

*What is E.Q.? It is a renowned management and leadership training which teaches us to recognize our unique strengths and abilities, and the strengths and abilities of others – which can be very different from our own.  By understanding more about ourselves, and recognizing the attributes and patterns that motivate others, we are better able to lead others and create productive collaborations.

Learn more about our workshop and instructor, Dr. Beth Offenbacker, at: https://leadersinenergy.org/build-your-eq-skills-to-create-powerful-collaborations-for-change/



Fairlington Community Center
3308 South Stafford Street
Arlington VA 20006

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