Dwell to Live Workshop

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Your knowing of peace and wholeness – and how you can live into your Home in the ways you live in your physical home. This work will be led by Bill Hutchins, lead architect of Helicon Works Architects and author of the new book, DWELLING, about how we can forge deeper connections to our built environment. Bill invites you to engage with your inner Home – your soul, your essence, your needs and aspirations – so that you may find ways to reflect these in your physical home.

At its core, and deeply rooted to ecological living, DWELLING aims to change the way you relate to architecture so that you may create spaces that make you feel alive, nurture your soul and help you thrive.


The workshop has a simple format, centered on being guided through a series of creative/meditative explorations.
Take in a poetic image, sit with it, wait for a response and express that response through drawing or modeling clay. Don’t worry, this is not supposed to be art – no one will be judged upon their ability to create art. It is a form of expression to be shared with the rest of the group for insights from group participants.

You will be encouraged to explore your life-giving impulses –

  • what makes you thrive
  • what makes you connect to a physical space, and
  • how your home can embody these insights.
An intense and fun workshop! Working indoors and outdoors, with various breaks and an invitation to take the day at your own pace.


Holly House
7108 Holly Ave
Takoma Park Maryland 20912

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